Redline SI-Alcohol

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Alcohol Fuel (E85, Ethanol & Methanol) is very dry. This leads to wear in injectors, fuel pump and cylinders.

SI Alcohol is developed to prevent wear and corrosion under the most adverse conditions. It is also very efficient for racing application. With improved lubrication to get smoother engine operation and improved combustion with more power and cleaner emissions as a result. Red Line SI-Alcohol is designed to work together with catalysts and can not cause any damage be used continuously.

– Lubricates injectors, fuel pumps and cylinders.
– Reduces wear.
– Clean injectors
– Prevents corrosion
– Will not damage catalytic converters
– Provides smoother motoring

Use SI Alcohol continuously at each refueling to prevent problems with corroded injectors and fuel pump. Mix 1 bottle to 400 liters of normal road use and to 200 liters for competition use. SI Alcohol can be used for all 2 – and 4-stroke engines that run on alcohol fuels.


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