Rear Shock Absorber/Damper, Saab NG900 & 9-3 94-02

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Rear Shock Absorber/Damper

Will fit:
Saab NG900 – 1994-1998 – All models
Saab 9-3 – 1998-2002 – All models

The original and best:
For over 50 years now, the original mono-tube gas pressure shock absorbers have come from their founding source – BILSTEIN – and used in practically every car model of recent decades.

To be used with Standard Height Springs.

The product benefits at a glance:
*Constant damping power under any load
*High power reserves for maximum safety
*Drive as though it’s the first time, every time
*High OEM quality
*BILSTEIN gas pressure technology
*Effectively OE Replacement

2 Required Per Car


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